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The Great Bitcoin Freak-out Is Generating Some Great Freak-outs

Photo: Maria Bastone/AFP/Getty Images

If you’ve been tuned into the world of cryptocurrency in recent weeks, you probably know that the ever-rising values seemed too good to be true. Today’s numbers are something of a reality check; every major cryptocurrency has seen significant losses over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin, as one example, is now valued below $13,000. A far cry from the nearly $20,000 figure it was boasting last week. It marks the cryptocurrency’s largest daily decline of 2017. On Twitter and Reddit, people are reacting as you might expect. Dramatically and with some decent GIFs.

Of course, as any old holder will tell you and has probably already tweeted, this could just be par for the bitcoin course. If you bought at the beginning of this month, you’re still doing fine, just less fine than you were a few weeks ago. Bitcoin rises. Bitcoin falls. Rinse and repeat. Just chew on your nails and hodl — crypto speak for “hold” — to see what it does next. Until then, read some tweets! Peruse Reddit! Go for a run! Or you could, in the spirit of the holidays, give me your bitcoin. I’d be happy to take away your stress.

The Great Bitcoin Freak-out Is Causing Some Great Freak-outs