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This Perfect Lip-Sync Makes David Archuleta More Relevant Than He’s Ever Been

Some people have more talent in a single hand than the rest of us do in our entire bodies. Irny Irdina is one of those people. The 17-year-old student from Singapore recently filmed herself singing a snippet of “Crush” by David Archuleta — a “timeless bop” she told BuzzFeed — and, well, please watch it. She manages, through a coordinated effort involving Instagram’s one-finger zoom and a mirror, to film herself singing “all the parts.”

Last night, I tried to re-create Irdina’s masterpiece, for longer than I am willing to admit, to no avail. Mostly I just dropped my phone into my bathroom sink a whole bunch. Apparently I wasn’t the only one Irdina inspired. Archuleta himself posted a video singing along to his own song. No offense to a man who once almost won American Idol, but it wasn’t nearly as good.

You tried, David. Best to leave it to the pros.

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