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This Zootopia Abortion Comic Is the Latest Sensation Sweeping the Nation

Photo: Disney

Let’s just jump right in: do you remember Zootopia? It’s possible you don’t. Zootopia was the 2016 Disney film about anthropomorphic animals who live in a big city, and involved a rabbit cop and a sly fox working together to save the city. It was also not so subtly about police brutality and racial profiling. It was very popular generally, and it was also latched onto specifically by furries (Disney reportedly marketed the movie directly at them).

The furry fandom, as we have chronicled in the past, has a tight-knit relationship with digital artists, and there is a considerable overlap between the two interests. So it should come as no surprise that there is a lot of Zootopia fan art, even nearly two years after the film’s release. A lot of it is innocuous, but occasionally it gets really weird.

This week, a Twitter user discovered a Zootopia comic strip by an artist named William Borba called “I Will Survive.” It concerns Nick the fox and Judy the rabbit — who do not get together romantically at the end of the film — discussing whether or not to abort their child.

Though the comic was initially published months ago, its resurfacing seems to have kicked off a maelstrom of activity surrounding animals with human jobs and the debate over reproductive rights.

And as we all know, true meme fans have a history of engaging with and satirizing webcomics related to these issues. In fact, there’s already one edit of the infamous “Loss” comic featuring Borba’s renderings.

Panels from the comic are being edited and posted and shared all over Tumblr, a network that’s particularly prone to this sort of baffling collaborative movement. As is the case with “Loss” edits, the new versions are less making fun of abortion than they are ridiculing the absurdity of a webcomic featuring a talking fox and rabbit tackling the issue.

There are posts about the Rick and Morty “High IQ” meme.

And posts about respecting women.

Anyway, that is why you might see the seemingly inexplicable phrase “zootopia abortion comic” trending today. Hope this helps!

This Zootopia Abortion Comic, Explained