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You Can’t Petition the White House Anymore This Year Because the Site Is Down for Repairs

The right of the people to petition the government for a redress of grievances is temporarily being revoked. At least online. White House petition site — the one where, purportedly, if you garner enough signatures, eventually the White House will be notified of your issue, be it aliens or something actually important, and get in touch — We the People is down. If you visit the site now, all you’ll find is a note telling you to come back in a few weeks. “To improve this site’s performance, the platform is currently down for maintenance and will return in late January,” the note reads.

The site explains that all existing petitions — and their signers — have been saved and will be reactivited when the site comes back. Until then, I guess just write down your complaints on a Post-it note, or tweet them, or stand on Fifth Avenue and shout them aloud. All three will probably have a similar effect.

You Can’t Petition the White House Online Anymore This Year