Alex Jones: Trump Has Called Me 3 Times in the Last Few Months

Alex Jones.

President Trump has called Alex Jones several times in the past few months, the conspiracy theorist and diet-supplement salesman said Tuesday. Those calls, Jones said, have all gone unanswered though, because Trump calls early in the morning, during what the White House has tried to rebrand as “executive time.”

“General Kelly will find out and go spank him,” Jones said, mocking the reaction he thinks his claim will get.

A spanking may not be in order, but it’s easy to imagine Kelly’s ears pricking up at the claim that Trump is trying to chat with the yogurt-hating Sandy Hook truther in the predawn hours.

Of course, there’s always the chance that Trump isn’t calling Jones to bat around conspiracy theories. He has congressional Republicans cooking up plenty on his behalf. Plus, paranoid fantasies aren’t the only shared interest for these two. Maybe Trump is calling to talk about one of their other common obsessions — Trump’s package.

Alex Jones: Trump Has Called 3 Times in Recent Months