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Amazon Narrows Headquarters-Search List to 20 Big Cities in North America

Illustration: Amazon

Sorry to every city in the United States that thirstily prostrated itself at Amazon’s feet this fall in the hopes of being selected as the home of the company’s second headquarters. Amazon released a list of its 20 finalists today, and, well, let’s just say Gary, Indiana, is going to be disappointed. As is that Arizona town that sent Jeff Bezos a giant cactus. And pretty much anybody else who wanted to be considered for Amazon anointment, but didn’t happen to be a major city everybody in the world has already heard about. Here are the 20 cities still in the running, which we can assume were picked by a team of executives at Amazon who were given 20 darts and told to throw them at a map of the United States where major existing economic hubs were highlighted in bright pink, and everywhere else was, uh, not.

• Boston
• New York City
• Toronto
• Pittsburgh
• Newark
• Philadelphia
• Montgomery County
• Washington, D.C.
• Raleigh
• Northern Virginia
• Atlanta
• Miami
• Austin
• Dallas
• Los Angeles
• Nashville
• Denver
• Chicago
• Indianapolis
• Columbus

Shockingly, Seattle didn’t make the cut. The present home of Amazon’s first headquarters also tried to make a play to be the home of its second headquarters.

Amazon Is Considering These 20 Cities for Its Headquarters