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If You Forgot Your Jacket on the F Train, It’s on Fire

If you perhaps left your jacket (or bag, maybe?) on the F train this weekend, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is we know where it is. The bad news is it’s on fire.

This video, captured by Twitter user @Stibbanski, shows what looks to be like a jacket burning on a stopped F train:

While we’re guessing it’s a jacket just from general shape and placement, it’s entirely possible it’s a bag as well. It’s tough to tell, because it’s on fire. Regardless, it seems the FDNY was able to get the fire under control:

Luckily, it was an unseasonably warm weekend, with highs in the 50s in some parts of NYC, so no one probably needed that jacket anyway.

If You Left Your Jacket on the F Train, It’s on Fire