Jared Kushner Is Turning His Focus to Prison Reform

Son-in-law, senior adviser, and statesman Jared Kushner. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Trump senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner has a long list of responsibilities in the White House, including bringing peace to the Middle East and transforming the federal government so it runs “like a great American company.”

For a time, before Kellyanne Conway took over the issue, he was tasked with solving the overdose epidemic in America and he dabbled in diplomacy, handling the relationship for the U.S. and Mexico.

For months, prison reform has been somewhere further down Kushner’s list of priorities, but this week it’s moving up. On Thursday, the White House is planning a listening session on the issue, which Kushner has been quietly exploring for six months, Axios reports.

Unfortunately for Kushner, staying so busy with so many other tasks provided an opening for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to repeal a host of Obama-era criminal justice reforms, making life easier on private prisons and harder on drug crime offenders.

Kushner, Axios’s Mike Allen notes, takes a special interest in the issue because his father served time in federal prison. And maybe because he is worried about following in his dad’s footsteps?

Jared Kushner Is Turning His Focus to Prison Reform