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Logan Paul’s Whole Trip to Japan Was Real Problematic

Logan Paul, respecting Japanese culture to the fullest.

When Logan Paul decided to film himself in front of the body of a man who had apparently committed suicide in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, he set the bar really, really low when it came to respecting other people or other cultures. But the rest of Paul’s “Adventures in Tokyo” vlogs were also pretty offensive — just not nearly as bad as the video that caused him to quit daily vlogging (for now).

This highlight reel, compiled by We the Unicorns, shows off snippets of Logan Paul’s signature brand of humor, which includes yelling at strangers because it’s funny, breaking things because it’s funny, and wearing other culture’s traditional clothing because it’s funny.

If you really want the full experience, watch Logan’s entire “Adventure’s in Tokyo.” There’s “KICKED OUT OF JAPAN! (I’m Sorry) JP,” in which Paul runs screaming through a marketplace and washes his hands with holy water at Senso-ji Temple, because the holy water is “for people who are real pieces of shit in life.”

Or you can check out “WE FOUGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF TOKYO!” — where Paul does some very bad martial arts in the streets of Tokyo, and scares drivers at the loading docks by hiding in the back of their trucks.

Finally, there’s “REAL LIFE POKÉMON GO IN TOKYO! (Catching Strangers),” which made me want to put my laptop in a microwave after watching for 20 seconds, so I can’t really tell you what happens in that one. Sorry.

Said Tokyo, in response:

Editor’s note: We are aware that this Twitter account isn’t really Tokyo’s official Twitter account. The sentiment still stands.

Logan Paul’s Whole Trip to Japan Was Real Problematic