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Melania Trump’s Face While Watching the State of the Union Is All of Us

Melania Trump looked unhappy at her husband’s first State of the Union. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address. (If you read the invitations closely, it was actually the State of the “Uniom.” Which … whoops!) Before his speech began, the cameras panned to FLOTUS who looked … well, she did not look particularly thrilled to be at the event. Something which folks on Twitter were quick to point out. (To be totally fair, Melania looked plenty happy at other moments during the evening.)

This is certainly the look of a woman who once sub-faved her husband on Twitter. Also one who has recently had to live through incredibly detailed news stories about her husband’s affair with an adult entertainer. Plus, who could forget that excellent and similarly miserable face she made on Inauguration Day. Melania, thank you for your facial honesty. We see you.

Melania Trump’s State of the Union Face Was All of Us