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The Power Went Out at CES — Which Is Not Great If You Know What the ‘E’ Stands For

Photo: David Becker/Getty Images

How many nerds does it take to change a light bulb? Okay, how about every light bulb in the Las Vegas Convention Center? Earlier on Wednesday, the power went out at CES — an annual tech trade show that those in the industry love to hate — leaving everybody in the dark. I’d try to describe it to you, but honestly, you’re better off just looking at the photos and videos people who are there posted on Twitter. There’s something truly delicious about a room full of tech folks who are, quite literally, powerless.

CES has been tweeting about the situation and notes that the outage is contained to only a few of the halls at the venue, including the main “central” hall. Other parts of the venue are still illuminated or have had their power restored.

Shame that Ajit Pai wasn’t there to experience the chaos. The FCC chair canceled his scheduled CES visit last week after reportedly receiving death threats.

Dorks in the Dark: Power Goes Out at CES in Las Vegas