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Twitter Finishes Safety Road Map, Drags Waluigi’s Name Through the Mud

Today, Twitter reached an important milestone in its work to curb harassment on its platform. Last year, the company announced a road map for features and penalties that it would enact in order to make things less toxic — that include unverifying some users, purging others, and updating its violation-reporting systems.

January 10 marks the end of that calendar, with Twitter rolling out a better way for users to keep track of reports they’ve filed. The company announced the update, as usual, in a tweet.

Hey … wait a minute … who is @exampleuser1? Zoom in …

Now enhance …

It’s Waluigi, the fun-loving if slightly dastardly henchman from the Super Mario series. This is very rude to Waluigi! He is not a white supremacist, as far as we know. For one thing, he has only one L on his hat, rather than the four Ls that make up your standard swastika. Let’s just hope that now, having been found guilty of Twitter crime, Waluigi has not been radicalized.

Twitter Finishes Safety Road Map, Disrespects Waluigi