A Selection of Things Booed at CPAC

Boo. Photo: Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call,Inc.

The crowd at CPAC is always rowdy and rarely shy about tearing into red meat tossed down to them from the stage. They boo speakers and they boo the targets of the speakers. In 2015, they booed Donald Trump and his suggestion that the U.S. needed boots on the ground to fight ISIS. This year, CPAC has been a celebration of Trump though and the boos were directed at some of his favorite targets, including:

Republican Senator John McCain

Naturalization ceremonies for new U.S. citizens

Ideological similarities between Mexican immigrants and Republicans

George Soros

London mayor Sadiq Khan

CNN reporter Jim Acosta

The European Union

Geraldo Rivera, and the idea that the NRA adopt “modest reform”

Concerns about abuse of eminent domain to build Trump’s wall

A Selection of Things Booed at CPAC