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Wind Symphony Pranks Conductor With Excellent Wii Theme Song Cover

Liberty University Wind Symphony decided it would be fun this month to prank their conductor. After their leader offered some advice about not guessing at notes and raised his baton at the podium to lead the group in a Bach chorale, they instead began to play an arrangement of the Mii Channel — true Nintendo Wii fans will know — theme song. The arrangement was put together by one of the band’s members, Drew Harris, who uploaded a video of the whole thing on YouTube. Since then, plenty of commenters have written wanting to know if they can get Harris’s arrangement, to use both in legit performances and for similar gags.

Love a good “You thought we were gonna play classical music, but then we tricked you and decided to play something incredibly niche and video-game-related” joke. More of these, please.

Band Pranks Conductor With Excellent Wii Theme Song Cover