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Congress Has a Literal ‘Bros Caucus’

Representative Duncan Hunter (Bro-CA). Photo: Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call,Inc.

In case you thought the worst stereotypes of Congress might be a figment of your imagination, Politico’s investigation of Representative Duncan Hunter, a California Republican — whose troubles range from alleged misappropriation of funds to excessive drinking — finds that he belongs to a “bros caucus.” Politico reports, “Former staffers to Hunter said he and his lawmaker friends — dubbed the ‘bros caucus’ by his aides — would regularly go to the Capitol Hill Club, a Republican hangout, to drink beer, sometimes during the day.”

If African-Americans, Latinos, and so on have caucuses, why not bros? They are Americans, too. Indeed, while the Bros Caucus remains unofficial, perhaps it should be allowed to organize formally, and even hold subcommittee hearings (“Bro, do you even lift? [Bangs gavel] I remind the witness that he is under oath.”).

Meanwhile, in possibly related news, the White House also harbored a known subject of multiple domestic-abuse allegations in a high-ranking position.

Congress Has a Literal ‘Bros Caucus’