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Somebody Please Explain ‘Darkness’ Versus ‘Dankness’ to Donald Trump Jr.

Like so many of his forefathers — literally, his own father once needed three tries to spell hereby properly in a tweet — on Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. fell prey to a Twitter typo. A particularly good and funny Twitter typo. The kind that makes you stare at your screen, read it twice to make sure that your eyes do not deceive you, and then pinch your fingers and raise them to your lips to give a loud, wet Italian chef’s kiss. According to Donald Trump Jr., democracy dies in “dankness.” (We’ll give him a pass on being completely confused as to what a “byline” is. It is not, in case you are likewise confused, the same thing as a slogan, as this tweet would indicate.)

Upon reading such a perfectly wrong tweet, one can’t help but wonder, Is it possible the young Trump son types the word dankness so frequently that his phone autocorrected darkness when he typed this tweet? As in, Ivanka texts Donald Jr. saying that she and Jared are ordering pizza for dinner on Friday from that place he likes, and Donald Jr. responds, “Dankness.” Somebody sends Donald Jr. a link about how the kids are all eating Tide Pods these days … “Dankness.”

Donald Trump Jr.: ‘Democracy Dies in Dankness’