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It’s 2028, and Your Life Is Either Domestic Bliss or a Postapocalyptic Fever Dream Born From the Pits of Hell

Illustration: Lin Shao-hua/Getty Images

It’s important to set goals for yourself. Life goals, career goals, relationship goals. Goals are what keep us going, striving toward the things we want. When we want something to a particularly high degree, we might refer to them as “goals af,” which stands for “goals as frick.”

Where do you see yourself ten years from now? Are you working at your magazine job in the big city? Are you traveling the world, seeing all that this great blue marble has to offer? Have you settled down in the burbs with a spouse and a white picket fence and a couple of rug rats raising hell, but you love them anyway and will never stop loving them? Those are the three options.

Maybe you envision your life as something like this:

It’s all about the simple things in life. It’s about a warm bowl full of spicy chicken juice, #adulting, and unattended children. The tweet went viral for being, depending on your perspective, wildly aspirational or unbearably cloying. But that didn’t stop other people from imagining the year 2028.

Tumblr got ahold of the fantasy and took it even weirder. If you understand every part of this thread without having to Google anything, well, god bless.

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