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Phallic Statues Early Contenders for Best Meme of the Olympics

The Bullet Man statues in all their glory. Photo: Nic Bothma/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock

If you thought the Olympics were about fostering international community and championing feats of physical greatness, you were wrong. The Olympics are about one thing and one thing only: memes. Today, Select All is proud to present a meme which truly captures the purest spirit of the Games dating back to ancient Greece — where athletes competed in the nude — three statues that look suspiciously like, well, they look like dicks.

Located in front of the Alpensia Ski Jumping Center in Pyeongchang, the statues are called “Bullet Man.” BuzzFeed reports they’ve been around since 2009 and supposedly were inspired by “the human desire for a cool body.” Which, sure, if by “cool body” you meant a giant silver penis then job well done. You nailed it, South Korea. Bullet Man has reached meme status in Japan, BuzzFeed also reports, where they have been nicknamed “モルゲッソヨ” a rough translation of Korean for “I don’t know” spelled out in Japanese. Apparently, “I don’t know” was all Olympic personnel could come up with when asked about the statues.

Somebody better tell Pita Taufatofua — the Tongan flag-bearer who seems to be perpetually bare-chested and oily — these dudes are giving him a run for his shirtless money.

Phallic Statues Early Contenders for Best Olympic Meme