The NRA’s Greatest Weapon Is the Truth. Or a Giant Hammer. One of the Two.

The sledgehammer shall set you free. Photo: NRATV

The National Rifle Association, which these days seems less interested in guns than in promoting a half-terrifying, half-hilarious war against liberal elites, has a new, typically incendiary ad out, promoting its video arm, NRATV.

In the commercial, a man wearing what is admittedly a pretty cool T-shirt stands in front of a flat-screen TV displaying a series of anti-Trump, pro-gun-control sound bites from CNN anchors, John Oliver, and other enemies of the state. After silently digesting these anti-American diatribes, the man dons a pair of safety goggles, turns around, and smashes the TV with an enormous hammer.

Then a slogan appears: “The truth is our greatest weapon.”

But wait a second, NRA, which is it? Are you going to extinguish PC-culture, city-dwelling gun-control fanatics with the power of your airtight “good guy with a gun” arguments, or are you going to do it with an enormous sledgehammer?

And what about … guns? You’re the National Rifle Association, not the National Hammer Association. Elvis could have told you that shooting bullets into TVs is basically a national pastime. Even a gun-hating, flag-burning San Francisco resident would probably enjoy watching a Samsung get destroyed by an AR-15.

Get your shit together, NRA.

The NRA’s Greatest Weapon Is Either Truth or a Giant Hammer