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Trump Briefly Demotes Jeff Sessions to Singular Tense

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Session, back when Sessions still retained his final ‘s.’ Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

President Trump has subjected his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, to an endless series of public and private humiliations. The most recent is a presidential Executive Time tweet attacking the recused attorney general for his failure to prosecute Barack Obama for the crime of having failed to stop the Russian crimes to which Donald Trump was an eager accomplice. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been stripped of his plural tense:

Or maybe Trump is simply following the odd grammar of attorney general. Just as the plural of “attorney general” is not “attorney generals” but “attorneys general,” perhaps the new singular of “Jeff Sessions” is “Jeff Session.” An even more unlikely theory is that Trump is turning his AG’s name into a verb, by omitting the apostrophe. Where is my beleaguered AG who should be busy coming up with crimes to charge Democrats with? He’s gone Session’!

Also, Trump is blatantly interfering in the independence of federal law enforcement in order to demand the prosecution of the opposing party for nonexistent crimes, a demand that, if successful, would bring on full banana-republic status.

Update: Trump has restored the the honorific final ‘s’ to his A.G.’s last name.

Trump Briefly Demotes Jeff Sessions to Singular Tense