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Hot New Meme: Patrick Star Looking Devious

There’s a hot new SpongeBob meme out there. There was SpongeGar, and there was mocking SpongeBob, and there was confused Mr. Krabs, and a bunch of other Spongy memes, but those are all old news. Now there’s a new one. It’s about Patrick, the starfish, doing bad things.

Do you sometimes do things that you know are bad, or at least not optimal? Then this is the meme for you. “That’s me” — you, scanning this meme.

Although the tweet that really sent Evil Patrick usage skyrocketing is this one …

… This is the tweet that initially started the snowball, according to the Daily Dot.

That’s a fun sex joke. We’re all having fun online posting this picture of Patrick looking nefarious and downward (maybe he’s looking at his genitals, that’s what some users are riffing on).

Anyhow, that’s the Patrick meme. Please use responsibly.

Hot New Meme: Patrick Star Looking Devious