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Stop Making Children Into Moral Authorities, Argues Former Teen Columnist Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro. Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Ben Shapiro’s career as a conservative pundit began when he wrote a nationally syndicated column at the tender age of 17. That teenager-with-a-freakish-gift-for-repeating-conservative-talking-points novelty act eventually grew into a grown man with a burgeoning media empire based on triggering libs. As he has matured into adulthood, he now warily scans the horizon for youngsters following in his path.

“The media have already appointed student witnesses of the horror at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School untouchable moral authorities; their opinions are not to be questioned. But now, the left has found even more sympathetic faces for its agenda: kindergarteners,” he writes. “There is something deeply perverse about using children to promote a political agenda.”

These darn, emotional Parkland Kids are so very different from young Ben Shapiro, Teen George W. Bush Groupie, who overpowered his adversaries with sheer force of logic.

Ex-Teen Pundit Ben Shapiro: Stop Making Kids Authorities