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Is Never Having to Touch Your Thermostat Worth $300?

Photo: Nest

Great news for all you I’d rather just let a robot do it types out there: Nest announced today a new temperature sensor to coordinate with its smart thermostats. Priced at $39, the sensor can be placed anywhere within 50 feet of the thermostat you hook it up to — on a wall, tucked into a bookshelf — and will make sure whatever room you’ve placed it in is actually the temperature you want it to be. Meaning that one room on the east-facing side of your house — you can program Nest to prioritize certain rooms at certain times of day — that is always freezing by sunset might actually maintain a comfortably stable temperature. (Can you hear me laughing from my minimally sunlit Brooklyn apartment?)

You’ll need the latest version of the Nest Thermostat — that’ll run you about $250, but buying the thermostat comes with a discount on the temperature sensors — if you want to use the sensors. And you can connect a maximum of six sensors per thermostat. The devices will ship in April. In the meanwhile, you can finally buy Nest’s Hello doorbell and its Nest x Yale smart lock, which the company also announced are shipping this week.

Is Never Walking to Tweak a Thermostat Worth $300?