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How Many Questions Can You Get Right on the Vine AP Test?

Photo: @hayleyroettger via Twitter

When Hayley Roettger told her friend, Karan, that she was absolutely “Vine cultured,” she never expected that he’d come back with a full-on Vine AP exam to make her prove it. Karan, however, immediately knew that he’d have to test her knowledge. “She brought up how she was a ‘Vine god,’ so I nodded my head and I knew that I was going to create a test,” Karan told Select All. Roettger’s tweet about the test quickly went viral. “It took around two hours, and my process included just the Vines I knew from the top of my head,” Karan, who calls himself a “Vine demigod” said. “Then I just searched famous Vines and watched a few of them to get inspiration to create questions.” He wasn’t sure exactly how many questions Roettger got right — the exam included 43 multiple-choice questions and several free responses — but “she got a five for sure.” Karan posted the exam on Twitter — complete with a “Karan Board” logo as a stand-in for College Board — with an answer key. We’ve laid out the questions below (reproduced as they appear on the original test), so you can test your knowledge and see if you, too, are a Vine god.

The AP Vine Exam

Test your Vine knowledge.

Somebody threw some paper what does it mean for their mom if they were the one to throw it?
What restaurant is this young, shirtless Caucasian male introducing you to in his bathroom?
This dude needs to watch his "profanity," what does he claim the incident hurts like?
This adult virgin thinks the feminists are taking over. What event is he referring to?
In this original Vine, what does King Bach do to save a woman's purse?
What instrument does Maple the golden retriever play while her owner plays the guitar?
What object is used to block the haters out?
What time is it after someone eats your donuts?
What animal was Casper? (Context: He was eaten.)
What does a Caucasian man do to an endangered species in Canada?
Gordon Ramsay — the famous chef — gets angry at some contestant and proceeds to call her something. What is it?
A brother is engaging in vape tricks, such as the vape tornado, when all of a sudden his sibling blows it away. What is the sibling's name?
What object is used to define the popular slang term "turnt?"
True or false: Ralph ate his tater-tots.
What is the nickname for this lady?
What must America explain about its map to a young lady?
How was the popular dance move "dabbing" first introduced on Vine?
Who stars in the hit TV show "Completely Giving Up?"
What is the correct turn of events which happens after a spider is crushed into a bunch of other spiders?
How does one kiss his/her (#respectwomen2018) doggies?
What is the setting of Lion King IV?
Where does this animal biologist find a Very Rare Man Shellfish?
What happens shortly after this image?
"Look at all those __________!"
"Why the f**k you lyin'? Why you always lyin'? __________! Stop your f****n' lyin'!"
"Officer, I've got one question for you. __________?!"
"I smell like __________."
"It is __________, my dudes."
"__________, Richard!"
"Honestly I don't remember. __________. I was crazy back then."
"I'm washing __________, b***h."
"It's summer! I've got my hat on backwards and it's time to __________."
"Hi! __________."
What is this kid's favorite fast food place?
If your name is Junior and you are moderately handsome what should you do?
What must Kyle do to his friend?
What does this young, African-American male respond to the question, "who is the hottest Uber driver you've ever had?"
What happens in this Vine?
This man was frightened and could have dropped something deeply important to him. What was it?
"Yo waddup I'm Jared. I'm 19 and I never f*****g learned to __________."
"Yo my name is Dre and I got a __________ tomorrow."
"What's worse than a rapist? __________."
"Girl you're thicker than a __________."

How Many Questions Can You Get Right on the Vine AP Test?