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Welcome to New York, It’s Been Raining for You

Good morning, New York. It is, in case you somehow haven’t noticed, raining. Hard. Cats and dogs and lions and tigers and bears and the rest of the animal kingdom. It is raining so hard that our usually very efficient and well-run subway system has begun to flood in various locations.

Many props to this unknown hero who proceeded to eat breakfast on his commute despite the fact that is was … raining inside the train.

Thank you to Ellie Sunakawa at BuzzFeed, Jeremy Barr at Politico, and Josh Guild for bravely taking their hands out of their dry pockets to document these scenes. Best of luck with the rest of your subway travel today and remember that when this storm passes and April is over, you have an entire summer of sweating it out on overcrowded trains — potentially without lights or air-conditioning — to look forward to.

New York Subway Stations Are Underwater