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Cops Called After Fan Sneaked Into YouTuber Casey Neistat’s Work Space and Refused to Leave

Photo: Casey Neistat via YouTube

Casey Neistat, a dude known for things like snowboarding behind a car through New York City streets during a snowstorm, posted an uncharacteristically somber video — or at least, the first three minutes were uncharacteristically somber — on Thursday, retelling the story of a recent trespassing incident at his co-working space, 368. On March 15, Neistat says he got a text message from two peers back at 368 who said that a man had entered — he “probably” sneaked in behind somebody else who was supposed to be there — without permission and would not leave. “I’m not breaking in,” the man repeatedly says in footage from the incident. “We did file a proper police report here. The crime is criminal trespassing,” Neistat says in the video, noting that they were forced to call the cops after the man still refused to leave. “This was kind of a scary situation.”

“I don’t know if this guy wanted to hurt me or if he wanted a selfie with me … showing up at my office, as public as I make the address, showing up here is just not appropriate,” Neistat also says. Since the incident, fans have reached out to Neistat claiming to know the intruder and calling him “unstable,” the Verge reports. No arrest was made, and Neistat says that he hopes to build a “retail space” at his office in New York that would allow people to come and meet him during regular hours.

Neistat certainly isn’t the first YouTuber to have fans behave inappropriately and potentially dangerously. Earlier this year, Logan Paul performed a citizen’s arrest after coming home and finding a fan — who entered the house through the unlocked front door — on his couch. More alarmingly, Gavin Free — he’s one of the Slow Mo Guys — and Meg Turney — she’s a cosplayer and vlogger — hid in their closet after an armed man broke into their home. The man, Christopher Giles, was later killed during a standoff with police.

Cops Called After Fan Sneaked Into Casey Neistat’s Office