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What Is Gorl? The New Despicable Me Meme Mercifully Has Nothing to Do With Minions

Wanna feel old? Despicable Me — the first one, not the sequels or spinoff devoted solely to the origin stories of minions — came out eight years ago. Which means we’ve reached the point where memes based on the movie are just retro enough to be actually funny. Well, some of them anyway. Minions will always be bad. This week’s Despicable Me–inspired meme uses Gru’s — the super villain turned adoptive father of three, voiced by Steve Carell — accent as the center of the joke.

When Gru speaks, he says pronounces girls as gorls. I’m sorry if this is spoiling the film for you, but you’ve had nearly a decade, get over it. Earlier in April, Twitter user @OffTopicMica tweeted a screen cap of Gru, captioned “when you type ‘gorls’ instead of ‘girls.’” It was a funny, viral — over 100,000 retweets — tweet that didn’t seem destined for memedom.

And yet … somehow that tweet evolved from a singular joke to a meme format in which people crudely Photoshop Gru’s face over other pictures. Some of them of literal “gorls.” Some of them about “gorls” — Ed Sheeran’s face — more in the abstract. Thus a meme was born.

This meme is good right now, but the minute somebody slaps Gru’s face atop some minions and attempts a “gorls” joke, the fun will be over. This is almost certainly coming, if it hasn’t happened already. Minions eventually ruin everything good online. As the renowned artists that are LFO once sung, “Summer gorls come and summer gorls go.” Enjoy the gorls while you can.

This Despicable Me Meme Mercifully Doesn’t Involve Minions