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Instagram Stories Adds Regram Feature

Photo: Instagram

A little Instagram Stories update for all you Instagram Stories fans out there. (At this point, who isn’t a fan of Instagram Stories … other than maybe the folks over at Snapchat.) The platform announced on Thursday that it is rolling out a reposting — regramming, if you will — feature to users. Now, if you see something in your feed that you want to share via Stories, you’ll be able to do it with just a few button taps. No more screenshotting and weird formatting.

From Instagram:

To share a feed post to your story, just tap the paper airplane button below the post, just as you would to send it via Direct. At the top, you’ll now see the option to create a story. Tap it to see the feed post as a sticker with a customized background ready to share to your story. You can rotate, scale and move the sticker — and tap it to explore other styles.

Of course, handy as this might be, it’s not really the regramming feature Instagram could use the most. Ask anybody out there using a third-party app whenever they want to repost a photo from another user. The feature is available now on Android, and Instagram says iOS users can expect it soon. Alternatively, as an iOS user, I’d happily skip this feature in exchange for a chronological timeline. (Though Instagram did recently promise that it would tweak its algorithm to show newer photos first.)

Instagram Stories Adds Regram Feature