Lawyer Famous for Racism Says Racism Not the ‘Real Me’

New York attorney Aaron Schlossberg shrieks at Spanish speakers for not going back home to New York. Photo: Edward Suazo via Facebook

New York attorney Aaron Schlossberg has managed, through strenuous, documented efforts, to make himself the national poster boy for anti-immigrant racist bigotry, which takes some doing these days. After a video went viral of Schlossberg obscenely and stupidly berating Spanish-speaking people for daring to speak their own language and threatening to call ICE on them, he invited a world of hurt on himself, and New York City accepted the challenge:

Schlossberg reportedly got evicted from his office building, was followed around by reporters and camera crews, and was given the cold shoulder by fellow attorneys in court. He finally cried No mas! and issued an attempted apology on Twitter:

While Schlossberg undoubtedly does feel regret for making an ass out of himself in public, the whole “that’s not the real me” claim is less than convincing, as evidenced by other videos of the man screaming obscenities at people, and in one case, chanting the name of the famous alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos in the company of his Trump-supporting buddies.

This doesn’t seem much like a guy who loves New York for its diversity of faces, voices, and viewpoints, does it?

His apology would carry more weight if he confessed he’d been in an unreasonably bad mood or was suffering from a drug or drinking habit for the past several years — or was rehearsing for the role of the bigoted Juror No. 11 in a revival of Twelve Angry Men. But “the me you see is not the real me” is tough to buy, and instead of professing his love for New York and its rich diversity he might want to move his law practice to somewhere way up in the Rockies.

Lawyer Famous for Racism Says Racism Not the ‘Real Me’