Sinkhole/Possible Metaphor Appears Outside White House

A sinkhole has opened up at the White House, just outside Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley’s office.

The sinkhole was first spotted by reporters earlier this week. As it has expanded, it has been joined by a companion sinkhole.

Sinkholes appear when rainwater loosens sediment beneath the ground; Washington D.C.’s (literal) swampiness appears to make the city vulnerable to this phenomenon.

But scientific explanations only go so far, when you consider that exactly one year ago, a much larger sinkhole opened up right in front of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

Is nature trying to send a message to the American people about the moral vacuity of this administration? Does the sinkhole represent the echo chamber that is politics in 2018? Or, the most likely explanation: Is Mother Nature on the verge of engulfing the White House, and eventually all of America and the world, thus vanquishing the whole misbegotten human experiment?

These are all valid questions, but only the sinkhole knows the answer.

Sinkhole/Possible Metaphor Appears Outside White House