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Teacher Writes Diss Track Dissing Jake Paul’s Diss Track Dissing Teachers

Photo: m.a. double via YouTube

“Why don’t you tell us some shit that we’re actually gonna use in our real lives,” Jake Paul yells at a teacher in the opening of his latest, ugh, diss track. “My Teachers” is about exactly what you’d think. It’s a several-minutes-long rant-rap from Paul all about how his teachers never thought he’d amount to much and how he’s gone on to become wealthy and successful even without their support. Lil Tay has a cameo appearance. You really will be fine if you don’t watch it.

However, we do recommend that you watch this excellent, if slightly lame, parody from a teacher in Texas who was not amused by Paul’s video. “But I’m here like every day bro, so how you gonna diss me with that ‘Disney Channel flow,’” the teacher, who goes by @madouble on Twitter, raps in his video. In case this isn’t funny to you, those lines are cribbed from another of Paul’s songs, the seminal “It’s Everyday, Bro.” The track is shorter than Paul’s but significantly more endearing. “Hey, I make about 35K a year, son!” Plus, the last time somebody made a diss track responding to a diss track from Paul — RiceGum and Alyssa Violet’s “It’s EveryNight Sis” — made it to the Billboard Hot 100 list last fall.

Someone get this guy a record deal.

Teacher Writes Diss Track Dissing Jake Paul