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What’s Behind the Mysterious Barrage of ‘Beats by Dre’ Ads on Twitter?

If you went on Twitter earlier on Thursday, chances are pretty good that you saw an ad for Beats by Dre starring, among other NBA players, LeBron James. I have, if I am being honest, not watched it. Because I am possibly the only person left in my Twitter-sphere who wasn’t served this ad and I don’t want to jinx it. But here it is, in case you also haven’t seen it.

The ad’s sudden presence everywhere was first pointed out over on BuzzFeed by Katie Notopoulos.

Twitter, for its part, said this wasn’t supposed to happen. Well, some people were supposed to see the Beats ad, sure, but not everybody and their mother, and certainly not that many times. “We identified a minor serving issue that caused some people to see an ad more than they should,” a spokesperson told Select All. “The issue was quickly resolved and ad serving will be back to normal soon.”

Twitter Blames ‘Beats by Dre’ Ad Barrage on ‘Minor Issue’