Single Photo Artfully Sums Up America’s Isolation at G7 Summit

During his brief visit to the G7 summit in Quebec, President Trump went full Ugly American. In less than 24 hours, he ranted at his supposed allies about trade, suggested that Russia rejoin the group — his audience was mostly unreceptive to the idea — and arrived conspicuously late to a women’s empowerment meeting.

The entire disorienting experience underlined a grim reality: The United States is increasingly an outsider to the system of international cooperation it helped build.

All of this Sturm und Drang was encapsulated in a single photo, which — tellingly — German Chancellor Angela Merkel posted on her Instagram page.

The photo, as one might expect, sparked a Twitter joke-a-palooza. A brief selection:

We laugh to keep from crying.

Single Photo Sums Up America’s Isolation at G7 Summit