WaPo: Scott Pruitt Had an Aide Ask Donors to Find His Wife a Job

Scott and Marlyn Pruitt. Photo: AP/REX/Shutterstock

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt enlisted a top aide to help his wife find a job last year, the Washington Post reports, a potential violation of federal ethics rules that prohibit public officials from using their office for private gain.

The Post reports that Pruitt had aide Samantha Dravis conduct a job hunt for his wife, Marlyn, by contacting donors and conservative activists. Marlyn Pruitt eventually landed at the Judicial Crisis Network after the executive vice-president of the Federalist Society and Pruitt friend Leonard Leo sent over her résumé. A spokesperson for the JCN told the Post that Marlyn Pruitt left her job earlier this year.

This is the second time that Pruitt’s wife and her employment have shown up on the long list of the administrator’s ethical scandals. It was just last week that we learned he used his position to try to secure her a Chick-fil-A franchise.

Virginia Canter of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, a public watchdog in Washington, told the Post that Pruitt using a full-time EPA employee as a “headhunter for his spouse” is “highly inappropriate.” But is it enough to result in yet another investigation of Pruitt, who’s already the subject of 12 probes?

Even if not, it appears to be the end of the line for at least one Trump administration true believer. After Wednesday’s story, Fox News host Laura Ingraham tweeted that Pruitt’s “gotta go.”

WaPo: Pruitt Had an Aide Ask Donors to Find His Wife a Job