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Oh Good, Logan Paul Is Making a Documentary

Logan Paul. Photo: Logan Paul Vlogs/YouTube

Logan Paul kicked off 2018 by vlogging a dead body he found hanging from a tree in Japan’s so-called “Suicide Forest.” This, obviously, did not end well for him — in so much that people over the age of teen learned his name, and not for very good reasons. He apologized and took some time away from YouTube. But then, naturally, he returned with antics as Logan Paul as ever. He also compared himself to Jesus Christ on Cardi B’s Instagram and was promptly dragged to hell.

Months later, Paul announced he was ending his daily vlog series. This week, Paul announced in a different vlog that he’s working on a documentary. The video is over 20 minutes long. You don’t really need to watch it. Paul is “filming a documentary about everything that’s happened this year, all the stuff that went down in January, where I was at in my life, and kind of the psyche of what actually happened,” he explains in the video.

I look forward to watching this documentary so you don’t have to.

Oh Good, Logan Paul Is Making a Documentary