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This Week’s Best Twitter Is Weird, on-Brand Childhood-Stories Twitter

Photo: Twitter/@prinxeMu

Does your family have a particular anecdote about you doing something funny, or strange, or a little bit sad as a kid? Do you have a Twitter? Great, you can participate in today’s best Twitter game. It’s simple. You quote-tweet this now semi-viral tweet request “the most On Brand story”

The resulting responses, as you have probably guessed, are great. Kids are freaks! They do freaky things! Shamelessly! It’s great. Kids are great! Turns out a whole lot of you fled your own birthday parties under the guise of needing to be alone for a hot second.

Struggling to figure out what anecdote from my childhood was most “me,” I texted my sister this morning. She decided it was the time I faked an eye exam in the fourth or fifth grade because I wanted glasses to look like Harry Potter. The subsequent glasses fucked up my perfectly good eyes. I’m still not sure this is my most on-brand story, but it’ll do for now.

This Week’s Best Twitter Is Weird Childhood-Stories Twitter