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Trump Defends Kavanaugh: ‘I Understand College Very Well’

President Trump: Politician, business owner, scholar. Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Brett Kavanaugh has been fighting back against charges of youthful sexual assault by depicting his younger self as a chaste, devout, and respectful student. Who better to attest to such a lifestyle than the man who nominated Kavanaugh? President Trump, more than anybody, can relate to a chaste youth devoted to the life of the mind. “You know, when he said that really, what he was focused on was trying to be number one in his class at Yale, to me, that was so believable,” Trump told reporters, “I understand college very well.”

Trump has repeatedly boasted that he finished first in his class at Penn, though the school’s commencement program did not list him as receiving honors of any kind.

Anyway, for those who find the facts of the case insufficiently persuasive, now you have Trump’s own personal testimony and his understanding of college as evidence for Kavanaugh’s innocence.

Trump Defends Kavanaugh: ‘I Understand College Very Well’