Introducing the New Intelligencer

Photo: New York Magazine

Welcome to the new Intelligencer. We’re adding a lot of things to the site today, and we’ll get to those in a minute, but the first thing you should do to get a sense of what’s changed is to visit our new homepage, which is a little different from other homepages.

Inspired by the Slack channel where Intelligencer staff discuss the news all day long, and also by the social-media feeds through which so many Americans now find information, it’s intended to be a constantly updated curation of not just the stories we’re writing, but also the most useful reporting, commentary, comments, tweets, photos, and other ephemera from around the internet. We’re going to lift the curtain on our edit meetings and publish a few staff chats every week. And we’ll give our readers more exposure, too, by featuring your smartest comments. We’re trying to buck the general media trend away from homepages and, by filtering the information firehose, make this a place you’ll want to bookmark and start checking regularly throughout the day.

What else is new? Well, we’ve dropped the Daily from our name, obviously (look out for a new URL soon). We’re adding business coverage led by columnist Josh Barro (if you want to see only business stories, there’s a section filter in our navigation). We’re also adding tech coverage courtesy of our sister site, Select All, whose writers — Max Read, Madison Malone Kircher, Brian Feldman, and Jake Swearingen — will now appear on Intelligencer (there’s a section for tech, too).

At the same time, we’re tripling down on politics coverage. Joining Intelligencer this week are new writers Zak Cheney-Rice and Sarah Jones, who’ll be focusing on race and identity and progressive politics and policy. They’ll be publishing daily alongside our existing team: Irin Carmon, Jonathan Chait, Gabriel Debenedetti, Cristian Farias, Benjamin Hart, Heather Hurlburt, Ed Kilgore, Eric Levitz, Will Leitch, Olivia Nuzzi, Frank Rich, Jonah Shepp, Andrew Sullivan, and Rebecca Traister.

Also expect weekly columns on climate and the environment from David Wallace-Wells and on urbanism from Justin Davidson; more local politics reporting from David Freedlander; analysis of the culture of the right from Park McDougald; meditations on the culture of tech from Adrian Chen; business reporting from Michelle Celarier and Bethany McLean; interviews with business leaders from Noah Kulwin; reporting on race and politics from Collier Meyerson; and business analysis from Yves Smith.

We’re launching a new podcast, too. It’s called 2038, it’s hosted by Max Read and David Wallace-Wells, and each episode will explore a different vision of what life will be like in 20 years — an internet cold war, a Chinese world order, a rapidly warming planet — featuring experts in business, technology, climate science, and beyond. You can subscribe here.

Intelligencer is a site devoted to opinion, and we’re sure you’ll have opinions too. Please express them in the comments. Be nice?

Introducing the New Intelligencer