Trump Knows Nothing About the Candidates He’s Endorsing

Oops. Photo: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

President Trump tweeted a barrage of endorsements Monday night, throwing his support behind a handful of Congressional candidates he’s hoping make it to Washington and a few incumbents he’s hoping hang around. In the process, he committed some mindless errors that prove, even as November 6 approaches, he has no clue who he’s endorsing.

Trump’s first boner came when he attempted to endorse Denver Riggleman, the Virginia distillery owner who’s best known outside of his district for his “Bigfoot erotica.” In a tweet, Trump called Riggleman a congressman, which he isn’t. Republican Tom Garrett is retiring and Riggleman is the party’s choice to replace him. Trump also tagged the wrong Twitter account, giving some brief attention to an account with two tweets.

He went on to correct the tweet.

It wasn’t the only mulligan Trump needed. In a tweet that included endorsements for four Minnesota Republicans — two incumbents and two challengers — Trump flubbed the Twitter handles for half of them. As if it wasn’t insulting enough to split a four-way tweet endorsement.

Trump’s getting so bored of these tweets that he can’t even feign interest in the candidates he’s supposedly excited to support. On Monday, he sent five tweets endorsing individual candidates and the one multicandidate endorsement above. Only one, touting Iowa representative Rob Blum, evinced any knowledge of the candidate.

The rest were full of dull platitudes. Riggleman “really knows how to get the job done.” Ohio representative Troy Balderson “is doing a great job.” And Washington representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers is an “incredible leader who is respected by everyone in Congress.” His enthusiasm is palpable.

Trump Knows Nothing About the Candidates He’s Endorsing