GoFundMe Scammer Girlfriend Says She Got Scammed, Too

Kate McClure says the GoFundMe scam which raised over $400,000 wasn’t her idea. Photo: Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office

Just when you thought the saga of the GoFundMe scammers, the homeless guy, and the missing $402,000 couldn’t get any more twisted … it has. To catch you up, last year a woman named Kate McClure claimed she ran out of gas one night and a homeless man named Johnny Bobbitt gave her his last $20 to get her home safely. Moved by his kindness, McClure and her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, started a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to raise money to buy Bobbitt a car and secure him housing. People donated hundreds of thousands of dollars, but months later Bobbitt got an attorney and said the couple never made good on all the things they promised him and instead spent the money on themselves. Cops raided the couple’s home and GoFundMe proffered the funds for Bobbitt’s legal representation.

But then, thanks entirely to Bobbitt’s complaints, investigators discovered the whole thing was a scam from the very beginning. Bobbitt knew McClure and D’Amico and the couple fabricated the $20 story. The trio was arrested last week and charged with second-degree theft by deception and conspiracy to commit theft, punishable by between five to ten years in prison. It sounded like that would be the end of the story. Except, in a new report from Good Morning America on Tuesday, McClure claims she was set up by her boyfriend.

“You started the whole fucking thing, you did everything,” McClure, or a woman who McClure claims is her, says on a recording obtained by GMA. “I had no part in any of this, and I’m the one fucking taking the fall.”

In the audio, the woman also cops to spending some of the money from the GoFundMe. Which seems like maybe not the best shred of evidence to cling to in an attempt to self-exonerate. But hey, internet scammers can’t be choosers.

GoFundMe Scammer Girlfriend Says She Got Scammed, Too