I Truly Did Not Know My iPhone Could Do This and If You Did Congrats on Being a Genius

A very useful iPhone hack. Photo: Screenshot via Twitter

Here in the tech blogging business we talk a big game about hacks. We love hacks. And we really love that people love to click things about hacks. But ultimately most of the hacks in question end up being bogus. Not true hacks. Not real ways to make your life better and easier. Hack has become a very loosely defined term. Today though, folks, I have for you a true hack, courtesy of a viral tweet from food blogger Krissy Brierre-Davis.

If you’ve ever typed a text on an iPhone and then realized you made an error and tried to use your thumb to cursor over the typo, you probably know that, depending on how fat your fingers are or how clumsy you are, it’s a pain. But getting your finger exactly between the letter “e” and the letter “x” so you can change “one sex” to “one sec” and not send a potential very embarrassing text to your boss doesn’t actually have to be so hard. Turns out, if you press down on your space bar, the letters vanish and the whole thing becomes a stand-in for the cursor. So you can drag you finger across the entire width of the phone instead of just the text box.

Brierre-Davis’s A+ tweet notes this hack works if you press on the space bar, but it’ll actually work if you press and hold anywhere on the keyboard. Once you’ve mastered this, take a second, if you haven’t already, to make your life easier by adding low power mode to your control center, Intelligencer’s favorite iPhone hack.

I Truly Did Not Know My iPhone Could Do This