These Memes Are Definitely Not Your Man

Photo: Screenshot via Twitter

Folks, cuffing season is upon us. Which means, if you are so inclined, you might find yourself in want of a man. (This meme appears very heteronormative, but just go with me here and know that anyone or anything can be “ladies” and “man” in the context of this meme.) Men, specifically your man, can be tricky to find. Or at least that’s the concept behind this late entry for November’s best meme — which is essentially a handy guide to figuring out that somebody is, in fact, not your man.

The meme is formatted as a list. It opens with “Ladies, if he:” and then proceeds to give itemized qualities a certain suitor might have. After several, the meme declares that this person is most definitely not your man, and instead tells you who he is: James Joyce. Javert. Julia Roberts. Clippy from Microsoft Office. Really anybody can be not your man.

To bastardize the words of the prophets Destiny’s Child: Ladies, leave your man at home. He’s not your man.

These Memes Are Definitely Not Your Man