Here Is a Good Thanksgiving Prank

Illustration: Getty Images

Are you looking for a good way to prank an adult in your life this Thanksgiving? Probably not, because pranks are not in the Thanksgiving spirit (unless you count Thanksgiving’s problematic colonialist origins as a “prank”). But here is a prank anyway, one that dates back to 2016 but has once again sprung up as we approach Thursday’s festivities. It works like this: Pick up your phone and text somebody, asking how long you need to microwave a 25-pound turkey in order to properly cook it. Ideally, panic or hilarity, or both, will ensue. Then you can screenshot it and tweet said screenshots and garner zillions of faves and retweets.

Most of the versions of this bit floating around Twitter involve people texting folks in their contacts identified as “Mom.” You don’t have to text your mom or any mom. Text your boss. Text somebody from high school you haven’t spoken to in ten years. Think outside the box. Get weird. It’s a prank, people.

Happy Thanksgiving. We stole this country. Microwaved turkey is what we deserve.

Here Is a Good Thanksgiving Prank