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Mueller Reports Michael Flynn Is Singing Like a Canary

Donald Trump to Michael Flynn: I know it was you Photo: George Frey/Getty Images

Late on Tuesday night, the special counsel’s office published its long-awaited sentencing guidelines for Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s national security adviser during the 2016 campaign and the first few weeks of his presidency. The memo, along with an addendum, says Flynn has given “substantial assistance” to “several ongoing investigations.” It adds that Flynn has met with the investigators 19 times, and that Mueller is extremely satisfied with Flynn’s cooperation. It further notes that Flynn’s testimony “likely affected the decisions of related firsthand witnesses to be forthcoming with the special counsel office and cooperate.”

And it says nothing whatsoever about what information he gave them. Most of the memo is just paragraph after paragraph of blocked-out text, preceded by tantalizing hints that Flynn is telling them some really good stuff, they’re still investigating several avenues, and other witnesses have also given them good stuff.

Of course, the information will come out. It has been filed with a federal court, so whatever the Trump administration and its hired lackey Matt Whitaker does to bury the investigation will, at least, not stop the public from seeing the evidence in this report.

Mueller Reports Michael Flynn Is Singing Like a Canary