Happy Holidays, I Got You the Yodel Kid Singing ‘White Christmas’

Photo: Screenshot via YouTube

It’s been a hot second since we’ve heard anything out of Mason Ramsey, the meme wunderkind who found fame after yodeling in a Walmart. He performed at Coachella this spring. He released a song called “Famous” which, in the opinion of at least one Intelligencer writer, “bangs.” (There was also this video featuring a camel which I am too weary to explain but you should just watch because it’s great.) But since then it’s been pretty quiet on the Ramsey front. Until today, when Ramsey released a music video for his latest single, a cover of “White Christmas.”

Look. I’ll be honest. Is this “All I Want for Christmas Is You” level good? Of course it’s not. But the entire world is on fire so please just let me enjoy this child, with his deep side part, fringed shirt, and uncomfortable microphone choreography, singing a holiday classic. Scrub to the 2:45 mark for a truly delightful high note as Ramsey, hand raised, lilts up on the word “bright.” You’re welcome.

Happy Holidays, Here’s Yodel Kid Singing ‘White Christmas’