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You Might Want to Check Your Netflix Bill

Photo: Ernesto S. Ruscio/Getty Images for Netflix

If you’re currently paying for Netflix — and not just using a password you stole from your former roommate, or your former roommate’s mom, or that Tinder date you saw twice but managed to watch all of Making a Murderer with anyway — your monthly rate could be going up. The streaming service is raising prices for 58 million users in the United States, the Associated Press reports, by between 13 percent and 18 percent:

Its most popular plan will see the largest hike, to $13 per month from $11. That option offers high-definition streaming on up to two different internet-connected devices simultaneously. Even at the higher price, that plan is still a few dollars cheaper than HBO, whose streaming service charges $15 per month.

The last time Netflix raised its prices was in 2017, when the cheapest plan was increased by a dollar and the premium plan by $2. For comparison, HBO will run you $15 a month. Amazon Prime Video is $12.99, if you pay monthly. Hulu is $12. If you’re considering ditching Netflix over the increase, please make sure you binge all of You first.

You Might Want to Check Your Netflix Bill