Who Works in the Chrysler Building? A Floor-by-Floor Investigation.

In 1930, when Walter Chrysler opened the showy new headquarters building for his auto company, it was (briefly) the tallest in the world. Its early tenants included Texaco and Time Inc. During New York’s collapse in the 1970s, it was down to a 17 percent occupancy rate, so broke that its owners couldn’t pay for garbage pickup. (They just piled everything in the basement for months.) Today the building is in far better shape and nearly full, and the current owners, the Abu Dhabi Investment Council and Tishman Speyer, have put it up for sale. Chrysler and Texaco left long ago, and the Abu Dhabians and Tishmanites won’t share the list of tenants the buyer will inherit — but we’ve assembled a nearly complete roster.

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Who Works in the Chrysler Building? An Investigation.