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Unfaithful Boyfriend Meme Couple Reappears on Billboard in Hungary

I need you to know the stock caption for this image reads, “Happy couple or marriage hugging and enjoying in a couch at home.” Photo: Antonio Guillem/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Take a journey back to the summer of 2017. Do you remember the hot meme then? The one with the guy holding hands with his girlfriend while checking out another woman? The girlfriend looks, understandably, pissed. The guy is wearing a a plaid shirt. The other woman is in red. This meme.

Well, there’s not much else to tell you except the couple in the meme — woman in red excluded — popped up on a billboard in Hungary. The two appear, very much in love, in an ad for a pro-family policy, according to Valerie Hopkins on Twitter. (The photo in the unfaithful boyfriend meme was just one of many shot of the couple during a stock image photo shoot.) I can only assume this choice was, uh, intentional on Hungary’s part. Given that we’re now talking about a Hungarian billboard we likely wouldn’t have otherwise ever thought to discuss. (The Guardian reports the campaign is pushing “traditional families” in an attempt to increase birth rates. The couple in the photo, as far as the ad is concerned, is expecting a baby and receiving money from the government.)

Laura and Mario, the couple, and the photographer Antonio Guillem, spoke out in 2017 about the viral image. “I was a bit surprised because I didn’t expect that a photo that we made would become so popular on social media,” Mario said then. I can only assume he’d still be surprised, if we asked him today, that people are still recognizing him as the unfaithful boyfriend.

Unfaithful Boyfriend Meme Reappears on Billboard in Hungary