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Watch Elizabeth Warren Run … to Catch a Train in Penn Station

Senator Elizabeth Warren, answering questions after a sprint into Penn Station. Photo: Adam Glyn/Backgrid

One of the many subplots of the 2016 presidential election was the conspiracy theory among conservatives that Hillary Clinton was a frail, sickly 69-year-old who couldn’t handle the rigors of the presidency. Donald Trump, meanwhile, was a virile 70-year-old who most certainly was not obese.

If Elizabeth Warren is the Democratic nominee next year, that same line of attack won’t work. This video from TMZ shows why.

The 69-year-old senator from Massachusetts is seen running through New York’s Penn Station to catch a train that, naturally, is late. Relatable! Then she takes some time to politely answer questions, though she’s still catching her breath. (She doesn’t seem to notice former senator Joe Lieberman, who makes a cameo at the 2-minute mark.)

Warren responded to TMZ with a playful taunt:

The only people who think Donald Trump could perform such a feat are the guys doodling pictures of his head on a Hemsworth body.

Watch Elizabeth Warren Run … to Catch a Train