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Andrew Yang Plans to Use a 3D Hologram for Remote Campaigning

Andrew Yang and Tupac, but holograms. Photo: Andrew Yang via Twitter

Andrew Yang, the UBI-loving presidential candidate who’s attracted a devoted online following, has a plan to win more in-person converts : to be in two (or three, or four) places at one time. To make that possible, he wants to use a 3D hologram on the campaign trial. On Wednesday he gave the #YangGang, which is what his supporters call themselves, their first look at it.

The hologram’s debut came on TMZ Live, which showed a video of Yang’s hologram performing a duet alongside a hologram of his “hero,” Tupac. “I was doing a demo of what a hologram would consist of in order to send the hologram of me to campaign in Iowa or other battleground states,” he said.

Last month, Yang spoke about his hologram plans with Iowa newspaper, The Carroll Daily Times Herald. “We are exploring rolling a truck out that would enable someone to see a hologram of me that is three-dimensional give my stump speech,” Yang told the paper. “And, also, if I were in a studio, which we could set up very easily, I could beam in and take questions live.”

Yang also told the paper that he plans to use hologram technology to remind voters that “it is 2019, and soon it will be 2020, and things are changing.”

Andrew Yang Plans to Use 3D Hologram for Remote Campaigning